5 Bands To Start Listening To #2

Posted: by Henderson

Diarrhea Planet
If you’ve never heard of Diarrhea Planet, yep that’s their name. At least it’s memorable. If you have heard of Diarrhea Planet before, then maybe, like me, you were hit by the wave of hype surrounding their last LP, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, and reminded yourself that the hype can’t be real. Well that was silly because sometimes the hype is real and the band is really awesome. Diarrhea Planet have been putting out some great guitar driven rock jams. (They use four guitars and do it well). They just released two tracks from an upcoming EP on Infinity Cat Records and they’re even better than their previous stuff. Diarrhea Planet to the moon!

Listen To: The 2 tracks they’ve released from their upcoming EP, Aliens In The Outfield.
Heat Wave + Platinum Girls (A PETE AND PETE THEMED MUSIC VIDEO!!!)

If you like chill lo-fi punk then Brooklyn’s Chimes might be the band for you! They just released a new EP called Psychic Slack. Lyric driven and fuzzy this album is perfect for zoning and doing some thinking.

Listen To: Their new single, Total Sunflower.

On their 1st LP, Young Statues were an encouraging 2 piece. Now they’ve signed to Run For Cover and recorded a 2nd album and all indications are that they’re now a really good 4 piece. Talk about improving exponentially. The 1st song released from the upcoming record features some chill melodic vocals and some nice drum parts. I’m definitely excited for this new music.

Listen To: The 1st single off, The Flatlands Are Your Friend, “Run The River Dry”.

There are few bands that can capture the early 90’s pop punk charm of bands like Archers of Loaf. Left and Right not only replicate that sound, they improve upon it. Their new LP, Five Year Plan (out now on Infinity Cat Records), is fuzzy, fun, and easy to sing along to. The album was produced by Justin Pizzoferrato, who also produced Speedy Ortiz’s excellent Major Arcana, and Five Year Plan shows the same quality.  The lyrics are meaningful and the instrumentals are catchy and it gets better every single listen. Definitely one of the great new bands in the Philly scene.

Listen To: Their new LP, Five Year Plan (out now on Infinity Cat). Try out songs like:
“Low Expectations” + “After The Openers” + “Kickstand”

Pianos Become The Teeth
Now is a great time to start listening to Baltimore’s Pianos Become The Teeth, who have just undergone a major change. The Pianos on their first two LP put out some exciting screamo with really well put together instrumentals. Now, after signing to Epitaph Records for their 3rd LP, Keep You, Pianos Become The Teeth have dropped the screaming and revealed really awesome dynamic smooth vocals put to those same sweet punk rock instrumentals. Who knew. The change have definitely been celebrated and the first 2 tracks they have released from the upcoming LP are very encouraging.

Listen To: The 2 tracks they’ve released from their upcoming LP, Keep You (due 10/28).
Repine”+“Late Lives