Krystina Gabrielle Photography

Posted: by Henderson

We at The Alternative love music related art and photography so we will be spotlighting some of our favorite creative people. First off is a friend of the site, Krystina, who is a show photographer and has shared some pics and storied. Take a peek!

Cloud Nothings: 930 Club (10/4/14)

So this show was a bit of a redemption show for myself. Back in April, Cloud Nothings played the Black Cat in DC and I was shooting the show for a local publication called the DCist. The show was fantastic but my pictures said otherwise. Long story short, I shot from a bad angle with terrible lighting and a rowdy crowd. It was my worst shooting experience ever, so when I found out that Cloud Nothings were coming back in October at the 930 Club, I knew I had to go out and shoot again.

Second time around was waaayy better. I learned from my mistakes, moved around the thrashing crowd, had fun and took nice pics. Plus it’s always fun to shoot a band whose music you enjoy (‘Now Hear In’ is my current favorite). Cloud Nothings play their asses off and I can’t wait for them to come back to DC.

Bad Rabbits: 930 Club (10/7/14)

You’ve been to a Bad Rabbits show before right? If not, please check it off your bucket list–these guys have the best live show energy, it’s just fun, groovy and a bunch of other things. I photographed them back in February at the Fillmore in Maryland and enjoyed myself and the pictures. But I will say that photographing the guys this time around opening up a show at the 930 Club was one of my favorites. The crowd was jumping up and down quickly into their set and although I was maneuvering around everyone (and their beers) to get a good shot, I had a blast. Shows that have a photo pit are normally my preference but in cases like this, it’s fun to actually be in the crowd and apart of the energy. I can’t wait to see Bad Rabbits headline their first show at 930, it’ll be madness.
– Krystina

Check out Krystina’s site for more of her photos