Night Of The Demons (1988)

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Night Of The Demons (1988) Directed by Kevin Tenney 

In One Sentence: The ultimate whacky, 80s, Halloween movie experience…ever.

Why You Should Watch:
There was something special about how the 1980s portrayed it’s bored suburban youth that few other eras have managed to capture. Specifically in how high school students look and behave as if they were the most depraved, drug addicted, manipulative monsters to ever walk the planet. This is an overwhelming theme in Night Of The Demons, as almost no teenager has any concept of morals in this film. Seriously, there’s even a small subplot about an old man who is so fed up with mischievous adolescents; he decides that they deserve to be murdered via razor blades hidden inside apples passed out to trick ‘r treaters. An extreme and poorly thought out plan I might add, considering his targets are high school students who most likely won’t be trick ‘r treating unless they have some sort of Peter Pan syndrome. Also, what kids are going to go to the house that’s giving away apples on Halloween? Even if he did succeed, I think it would be pretty easy for the authorities to figure out who was passing out razor apples as opposed to candy in this neighborhood. I realize now this is less of a review and more a futile analysis of a very minor detail in a C-list movie, but this vengeful old-timer’s worthless plot really confounded me as I started writing this column.  

Anyway, the movie’s plot is pretty standard from an 80’s horror movie perspective. Horny teenagers party in a spooky house until it all goes wrong and everyone’s face starts turning gross. What really should be taken from this film is the overall aesthetic and atmosphere generated by the costumes, set design and dialogue that are so perfectly campy. The elements align so well that one could earnestly believe that this was actually a contemporary parody of an 80’s horror movie made today. So go now and enjoy this classic piece of Halloween hysteria. Like my previous movie column (which also weirdly featured a sexy Linnea Quigley) I’ve provided you with the YouTube link below so you don’t have to actually go and do anything whatsoever…because why should you.

Favorite Line: “Eat a bowl of fuck! I am here to PARTY!”

Rating 9/10: You’ll have a hell of a time.
– Neil

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