Pop Punk Sounds Best In The Fall

Posted: by Sean Gonzalez

There’s a change in the air. Life is beginning to seem brisk and stressful. The rays of the sun are diminishing across the globe. We can all feel it, and for whatever reason angst seems to come full force as the winter months approach. Welcome to the transitional season of Autumn; the season where I find Pop-punk provides the most comfort.

I once read a tweet that basically stated, “It’s fall, I guess it’s time to listen to @realfriendsband.” Whether or not it was sarcasm (I mean it is the internet), there was a bit of truth in that tweet. It does not have to end at just Real Friends, but the genre pop-punk just sounds better in the fall. The messages seem to be more profound. The spring and all the love that was in the air is devastated now. Everything around you is fading. The whole world seems to feel rushed and apprehensive that something might go wrong. Many people working the 9-5 grind dread that first snowfall for the safety of their lives on the road and their backs shoveling driveways. With all these feelings on my mind, bands like The Wonder Years, Pentimento, Captain We’re Sinking and Jimmy Eat World reign my current playlists.

It is not just limited to these 5 bands, rather an entire genre of music that helps me and others cope with the maddening change in the world. Maybe Subrubia: I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing just hits close to home for me, but I think it fits the season perfectly. The hoodie weather rings in as I enter my hometown during the approach of winter, trying to find trouble to get into with old friends and wanting to break down because things keep changing, and I cannot stop in time to take any of it in.

Fall is a time of change. It’s the time of year when a new school year begins and all of the stresses that brings. In this tough time we have pop-punk to lean on. An army of voices to help divert us from the angst and depression and remind us that we have hope, it will always get better. After every winter comes a spring. 

– Sean