Review: Born Without Bones – ‘Young At The Bend’

Music admin May 12, 2017

'Young at the Bend' is a dynamic, measured album that ranges from soft to loud and melodic to aggressive. Born Without Bones have always possessed a knack to write distinctly addictive songs, however, with 'Young at the Bend' the band has successfully pulsed new life into their sound and started a new chapter.

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Album Review: Have Mercy – ‘Make The Best Of It’

Music The Editor May 9, 2017

That drum was the anthemic pounding of Make The Best Of It's opener, "Smoke And Lace". Sometimes I wish albums came with instruction manuals because this one would read: "Get in your car. Drive, with the sun to your back, casting a shadow over a vague destination in your mind, and press play."

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Super Strange 12 demo

Podcast: Episode 7 – Live Music

Music admin May 8, 2017

Ali and Henderson talk our SXSW showcases and record store day, and then they play some great new tracks, and discuss the pros and cons of all the different types of live shows (DIY, Venues, Festivals).

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