The Alt Weekly Roundup (7/15)

Music The Editor July 15, 2019

A glowing new Sidekick single, a thrashy ripper from the upcoming Portrayal of Guilt project, and an impressive debut from Maryland's Sweet Peach were among our staff's favorites from last week. Check out all five new releases that we deem 'must-hear':

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Photography: blink-182

Arts The Editor July 12, 2019

Blink-182 are celebrating 20 years of their monumental album, Enema of the State, and playing it in its entirety and Kyle was at the Boston date to take pictures of the night. Take a listen to your favorite song from the classic album while you check out the pics below!

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Meet The Band: Jail Socks

Music The Editor July 12, 2019

Meet The Band! We're happy to introduce Olivia's new series inspired by 2000's pop culture magazines. Check out the first installment featuring the Charlotte, North Carolina based trio, Jail Socks.

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Photography: Disrupt Festival

Arts The Editor July 10, 2019

The inaugural year of Rockstar Energy's Disrupt Festival is sweeping through the U.S. right now bringing a stellar lineup to listeners everywhere and Kyle was at the Boston date to take pictures of the day!

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