toast and jam

Interview With Toast & Jam Studio & A Lunar Vacation Session

The Editor

Sean spoke with the people behind the Toast and Jam Studio about their process of creating and recording live sessions! Also, watch their new session with Lunar Vacation!

chris farren

Road Riffs: Chris Farren’s Top 10 Songs To Jam On The Road

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This installment of Road Riffs features the infamous traveler Chris Farren, who names his 10 favorite road songs to listen to on the road.


Interview: Bartees & the Strange Fruit

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"This project is a way to infuse blackness into a lot of different things that I feel are a little underrepresented. I just feel like it’s important that there’s more people of color doing as many things, being as visible as we possibly can right now."

Matthew Mulnix

Interview: Matthew Mulnix is an atypical solo musician


Self-aware songwriter Matthew Mulnix discusses his unique approach to creating acoustic songs, and the importance of being an ally in rock music.


Interview: Blis. discuss touring as a parent, and recording ‘No One Loves You’

The Editor

Atlanta alt-emo band Blis. put out our favorite debut record of 2017. Chris Musser had an in-depth conversation about the record's creation this past October.

the grand spontanean

Interview: Telethon talk their genre-fluid rock opera, “The Grand Spontanean”

The Editor

Telethon frontman Kevin Tully discusses the elaborate process behind his band's 90-minute, 30-track, five-act rock opera, 'The Great Spontanean.'


Interview: Washer


Following the release of their remarkable sophomore LP 'All Aboard', AJ had the chance to talk to Washer's Mike Quigley about future plans, musical influences, and the creative process behind these new songs!


Interview: Cheem

The Editor

Cheem discusses their sophomore album and how DOWNHILL "is probably the first thing we’ve put out that actually came out the way we wanted.”

kali masi

Track By Track: Kali Masi – ‘Wind Instrument’

The Editor

Kali Masi went into depth on their album Wind Instrument in this track by track!

dirty nil YOSH Photography

Road Riffs: The Dirty Nil’s Top 10 Songs To Jam In The Van

The Editor

Canadian shredder's The Dirty Nil list their ten favorite songs to play in the van on tour.


Interview: Jelani Sei

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Jelani Sei talk about using their music as a progressive platform, their writing process, and Pokémon.


Interview: Team Tremolo

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The Kansas shoegazers just want to give you a break from your own head.