Photography: FEST 16

Arts admin November 13, 2017

Fest 16 ushered in the newest generation of DIY emo/punk. Joey Tobin was there and took some beautiful photographs that captured some of that energy. Featuring photos of Mom Jeans, Just Friends, Fossil Youth, Walter Etc., and many more!

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Gig Review: Julien Baker, Half Waif, & Petal

Arts admin November 5, 2017

Julien’s stop at Town Hall on October 27th, with Half Waif and Petal, was beautiful night of acknowledging the feelings of being scared and hopeless but working to mitigate those feeling and be more optimistic and hopeful. Check out Rebecca's review of the show and her beautiful photographs

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Film Review: Bladerunner 2049

Arts admin October 14, 2017

Bladerunner 2049 is made with fans of the original Bladerunner in mind. It mimics a lot of what earned the 1982 original its cult following. In format it retains it’s original dingy noir style, though this time with a lot more story.

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Premiere: The Pigeon Pack – Episode 1

Arts Henderson April 21, 2017

Mosey Jones filmed themselves, along with 3 other DIY bands, The Loneliers, The Skates, and SemiCrcls – and christened the documentary series the work of The Pigeon Pack. Episode 1 runs down the bands' histories and chronicles their tour!

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Churv Cover

Tragnit Rising: The Churvel Tragnit Story

Arts admin March 31, 2017

At SXSW, one inspired director (Cameron Handford) endeavored to create the best documentary of all time, and he did just that with Tragnit Rising: The Churvel Tragnit Story. Watch this short film and your life will be changed (potentially for the better).

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Dikembe – “All Wrong” Video Premiere

Arts Henderson June 20, 2016

Premiering the new video from one of my all time favorite bands, Dikembe. Man, that's so cool to say. Take a peek at the video for "All Wrong" one of the most emotional and reflective tracks off their upcoming album, Hail Something, which will be out on July 12th.

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Weller – ‘Record Breaker’ Video Premiere

Arts Henderson May 16, 2016

I am beyond happy to premiere this music video. For one, Weller is a great band. 'Record Breaker' is my favorite track off their new EP, Career Fair. But even better this music video was directed and filmed by our very own Emily Dubin. I know right?? She' crazy talented. 

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