Tour Vlog: Twelve Days with For Your Health

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Photo by Olivia Keasling

12 days, 1200 photos, 10 hours of Somewhere City, and a three minute tour vlog.

It was one of my resolutions to work with more hardcore, heavy bands in 2020—and I got to sped my first 2020 tour photographing a set that every night reinvigorated my love of a genre that a year ago I was completely blind to. From a vegan café in Tallahassee, to an arts warehouse in Atlanta, to the basement of a pizza shop in Denton, every second in every space was packed with a chaotic exploration of what could take a performance to a new level. For fifteen minutes, every night, I saw people catch the wave of invincibility that For Your Health casts over their audience. Hang from the rafters, climb on your best friend’s shoulders, just fuckin’ MOVE.

But this isn’t a live video—this vlog is about how it feels to spend two weeks surrounded by people who have the same dreams you do. I’ve barely been touring for a year, but I know how overwhelming and taxing it can be for people. Close quarters, long drives, and sporadic sleep is a recipe for disaster, yet somehow it’s moments where you’re cry-laughing over a decade old youtube video or all gathered over a phone to play an old Disney Channel Movie Original Theme Song that remind you just how thankful you are to be along for (and alive for) the ride.


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Olivia Keasling

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